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Don’t wait until they’re vulnerable
before you think about their safety


PanicMe transforms your Smartphone into a personal safety device, giving you an instant lifeline if you are ever in trouble or feel threatened.

At the touch of a button, you will be able to contact your network of friends and family who will immediately be able to see your location on a map so that they can help or get help to you.

  • Add up to 30 contacts to each of your own panic response networks, who will all be contacted if you trigger a panic alert.
    A ‘traffic light’ system offers three ‘panic’ options.
  • GPRS tracking shows your location to panic response network members, who will also see their own locations, making it easy to identify the closest potential responders.
  • Data capture activates with alerts including your location of the phone.
  • When a panic alert is triggered, the contact of the panic response network is done via a remote system, for added safety.
  • Basic PanicMe package is free.
  • Subscribers to our full package also get TrackMe free, which allows your family and friends to track your journey as a dotted line on a map. Free users are able buy this separately.